Bricks No.9116 (Divider×2)

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Stylish modular storage bins that are made to work together to provide a customised solution for any space. BRICKS series is Like-it’s iconic smart storage collection. Its perfect straight lines of bins create no space in between when placed side by side. This feature differentiates BRICKS from any other storage bins. This series consists of bins and trays to sort and store items by category, application, and situation/usage/frequency.
Organise everything from items used inside the drawers, shelves, under sink cabinets, etc.

21W x 28D x 12.5H cm


  • Modular-sized bin designed by 7cm increments where you can store items according to their size and storage space
  • Stackable and slidable
  • Rubber feet prevent scratching of storage surfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Use adjustable divider(s) to divide the space to sort smaller items