Joseph Joseph Hold-All Collapsible Laundry Basket

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This handy laundry basket is made from durable fabric that holds its shape, even when empty, and comfortably fits a full load of washing inside. It features strong, woven handles, making it very easy to carry around the home or outside to the washing line, and best of all, when you're finished, it folds flat, making it easy to store in a narrow space, such as on top of or down the side of a washing machine. 

Open: H25 x W53 x D36 cm
Flat: H2 x W53 x D36 cm

  • Strong handles make carrying laundry easy with just one hand
  • Folds flat for easy storage in a cupboard or above your washing machine
  • Made from durable fabric that holds its shape when empty
  • Moisture-resistant inside means it can be used for wet or dry washing and is easy to wipe clean
  • It holds up to 35-litres