Mindful Foods Cacao Brain Power 450g

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Boost your breakfast with the tastes of Byron Bay using the Mindful Foods Organic and Activated Granola. It’s carefully cultivated to ensure you’re absorbing every nutrient possible with a range of flavour combinations that focus on enriching your lifestyle.

Key Benefits
This artisan granola is paleo, gluten-free and brimming with activated nuts, seeds, plants, and a delicious combination of herbs and spices, giving you all the nutrients your mind and body need to start your day.

Activated Nuts and Seeds (Buckwheat^ Australian Insecticide Free Sunflower Seeds, Pepitas^ Almonds^ Pecans^) Coconut Chips^ Macadamia Honey Raw Macadamias^ Psyllium Husk^ Cacao Nibs^ Cacao Powder^ Ginger^ Cinnamon^ Mesquite^ Maca^ Nutmeg^ Vanilla Bean^ Gingko^ Gotu Kola* Brahmi^ Tulsi^ ^Certified Organic. 
Allergens:  May Contain Traces Of Other Nuts and Shells.