That Red House Wool Dryer Balls

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That Red House’s 100% Wool Dryer Balls come in a pack of 6 (3 for dark loads and 3 for light loads). They reduce drying time by 25% and the need for ironing, soften fabrics and reduce static.


  • Made from 100% Pure Australian Wool
  • Decreases drying time and your power bill
  • Waste and Chemical Free
  • They will last a lifetime, over 10,000 dryer loads
  • The dryer balls are about 8 cm in diameter (bigger than a tennis ball)

Simply add 3 Dryer Balls with your load of wet clothes, and start saving on your time and energy consumption. 

Hot Tip: If you like fragrance, simply pair and add a few drops of the Laundry Tonic to the dryer balls before the load